Muffins Reimagined

Delight in Every Bite!

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Blueberry Burst

Perfecting this favorite muffin took loads of blueberries, crumbs and a little magic.
Bursting with blueberries throughout
Crumbs upon crumbs

Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate Chip

A rich and velvety dark chocolate muffin with an extra crunchy top. A chocolate lover’s dream.
Filled and topped with semisweet chocolate chips
Chocolate cookie crumbs add an extra crunch to the muffin top

French Vanilla
Chocolate Chip

French Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Semi-sweet morsels in a moist, vanilla crumb muffin.
A Classic Muffin made simply better
Generously topped with cookie crumbs and rich chocolate chips

Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

A perfect start to the day. Rich, sour cream cake-like muffin topped with tons of crunchy crumbs.
Topped with traditional cinnamon crumbs
Swirls of Cinnamon marbling throughout a moist sour cream based muffin

Cookie Crumble

Cookie Crumble Marble

Can’t decide what is best about this one-chocolate or vanilla-muffin or crumble.
Moist & delicious marble yogurt muffin
Fully topped with chocolate and vanilla cookie crumbs

Cream Pie’d

Banana Cream Pied

The best of both banana worlds—a moist, nutty muffin topped with rich banana cream.
Moist, fresh banana muffin, with a creamy pie filling center
Walnuts add a nice crunchy bite


Mochaccino Chip

Nothing tops this rich cappuccino & chocolate delight.
Tons of tiny milk chocolate chips, inside and out
Sugar-dusted crumbs cover the muffin

Cranberry Almond

Sunny Cranberry Almond

Filled with sun-drenched ingredients from coast to coast, it’s a crowd pleaser.
Loaded top of crumbs, crunchy almonds and cranberries
A balance of nutty almond flour and fresh orange peel


Carrot Cheesecaked

As if a muffin filled with carrots and nuts was not enough, we topped it with a bit of cheesecake.
Moist and loaded with shredded carrots, carrot puree, raisins & walnuts
Topped with baked cream cheese filling
Cinnamon, nutmeg, & ginger warm up the flavor

Cheddar Corn

Jalapeno Cheddar Corn

With some added heat & cheese, this classic corn muffin will spice up your day.
Baked in and topped with shredded cheddar cheese
Slivers of jalapeno and chopped cilantro throughout

Yogurt Apple
Raisin Bran

Yogurt Apple Raisin Bran

Wholesome, hearty, and filled with comforting goodness. A morning staple.
Full-bodied, packed with fiber-rich bran and rolled oats
Apples, plump raisins and honey give this muffin a subtle sweetness


Yogurt Blueberry

Packed with yogurt and blueberries, this traditional classic muffin will give you the morning boost you need.
Yogurt makes this a very moist and tender muffin
Filled and topped with juicy blueberries

Yogurt Corn

Yogurt Corn

A muffin for the purist. Simple yet full of flavor, this is an iconic all-day favorite.
Infused with the subtle sweetness of honey
An irresistible, perfectly golden crust